All Was Well Again | Franui | Florian Boesch, baritone | Jonas Dahlberg, screening

What happens if a ten-piece ensemble from the Austrian mountains, that has made its name with interpretations of Schubert-, Schumann-, Brahms-, and Mahler Songs, shares the stage with one of the most distinguished Lieder-singers of our time and backed up by one of the more exciting video artists of his generation? A new kind of Liederabend is born. Up front and center: Florian Boesch – internationally celebrated baritone, a strong character of solid Viennese rearing. Surrounding him are Musicbanda Franui, who are tackling the 19th century genre of art song with their assortment of instruments, which ranges from folk harp and dulcimer to zither, violins, double bass, accordion and plenty of brass. For all this, the well-regarded Swedish artist Jonas Dahlberg has created a novel set and space for the musicians. What have we got here? A bedroom in black and white? A freeze-frame? The audience eventually realizes that something isn’t right. The disalignment is subtle at first; the opacification creeps in; distortions – imperceptible at first – become notable.


The backrest of a chair – facing the audience – melts away slowly. The beside-lamp, the bookshelf, the duvet, the bedframe – everything dematerializes. The room, perfectly familiar, melts away before our eyes – until there is nothing left but the walls. All awhile, the audience is listening to someone who sings about life, love, and loss. On top of the world one minute, in the depths of despair the next. Everyone is facing their own mortality. And in the end, just like in Gustav Mahler’s Songs of a Wayfarer, “Just when I didn’t know what life might bring / Everything and all was well ag’in!”

Upcoming Concerts

Sat., 8/15/2020

Bregenz Festival (AT), Festival Hall


Fri., 9/25/2020

Castle Arena Reinsberg (AT)


Tue., 10/6/2020

Philharmonie Cologne (GER)


Wed., 10/7/2020

State Opera Unter den Linden, Berlin (GER)





Inspired by Franz Schubert, Gustav Mahler, Johannes Brahms, Robert Schumann and Henry Purcell


Jonas Dahlberg

Trailer of the program

Trailer of the program


Press reviews

Press reviews

Stuttgarter Nachrichten

“In love and lament, in life and Lied… Fantastic: Appearing at the Ludwigsburg Scala, Franui and Florian Boesch have brought artsong to the modern age.”

Het Parool [NL]

All Was Well Again is a dreamboat performance that no one should want to have missed.”

Südwest Presse

“Franui and Boesch have set out to free the romantic German Lied from the straightjacket that it had cast on, through decades and decades of a calcifying aesthetic tradition.”

Ludwigsburger Kreiszeitung

“There are no breaks between the program’s nineteen completely very different pieces: One tableaux of the soul follows the next. Instinctively, not a hand stirs in applause between individual songs: These seventy minutes are a finely, tightly woven Gesamtkunstwerk.”

Stuttgarter Zeitung

“Frauni’s show ‘All Was Well Again’ has numerous moments in store that move you precisely where the poet Joseph von Eichendorff had suspected the location of your unconscious: At the center of your heart. Anyone still capable of wonder – at beautiful sunset or at the whispering of the woods – is in good hands, here, where art is nothing so much as nature… which is to say: primordial; natural. Finally a gentle echo of an intensive evening: Florian Boesch’s adaptation of Dido’s lament from Purcell’s Dido and Aeneas. “Remember me?” ask dulcimer, violin, tuba and Boesch’s voice. Oh, do we ever!”