It simply ain't so | Franui | Nikolaus Habjan, puppet play & singing

An evening of songs by Georg Kreisler with Nikolaus Habjan and Musicbanda Franui

For the first time the celebrated puppeteer and art piper Nikolaus Habjan and the famous music banda Franui bring their new evening on stage with songs by the great Austrian song composer, connoisseur and word acrobat Georg Kreisler (1922-2011) - with numerous puppets, a lot of singing, bitter lyrics and the inclined sound battery consisting of dulcimer, harp, zither, violin, double bass, accordion and all kinds of wood and brass instruments.

Georg Kreisler was a composer, singer and poet. Born in Vienna, he and his family had to emigrate to the USA in 1938 and became a US citizen in 1943. In 1955 he returned to Europe. During his work he often was confronted with a strong headwind. Almost 10 years after his death, Kreisler turns out to be a prophet, his sharp-tongued, merciless diagnoses of the times can be easily applied to the current world situation. Both in his well-known “Everblacks” such as “Poisoning Pigeons”, “Biddla Buh” or “When the Circus Was on Fire” as well as in less common songs such as “The Human Has To Go” or “My Freedom, Your Freedom”. - “I'll tell you what I feel as free nowadays:” it says, “to let things be as they are.”


Upcoming Concerts

Fri., 11/26/2021

Theater im Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen (GER)


Sat., 11/27/2021

Forum am Schlosspark, Ludwigsburg (GER)


Thu., 12/9/2021

Loisach Hall, Wolfratshausen (GER)






Trailer of the program

Trailer of the program