State Of The Serenade | Franui | solo

Or: What We've Done So Far

The whole songbook of the 19th century – Schubert, Schumann, Brahms, and Mahler – in unique takes by Musicbanda Franui. With “Ständchen der Dinge” – a clever pun of a title that references the serenades at hand but also intimates a summary of the ensemble’s last 25 years’ worth of work – Franui present everything from funeral marches to dance-hall music to romantic Lieder. The band makes each piece their own and presents it in their unique blend of instrumental forces. In their employ: String instruments as we come across them in folk music: zither, dulcimer, and folk harp. Throw in violins, double bass, accordion, plenty of brass and some woodwinds. The ensemble is the musical equivalent of a transformer station: It takes in – and discharges – classical, folk, jazz, and contemporary music in stride. It lovingly celebrates the classical paragons, shakes them up, fills them in, de- and reconstructs them in all their beauty. The borders between genres blur; as do those between improvisation, interpretations, arrangement, and (re-) composition.

Upcoming Concerts

Sun., 2/28/2021

Lustenau (AT)





Inspired by Franz Schubert, Béla Bartók, Gustav Mahler, Alban Berg, Joseph Haydn and Johannes Brahms

Press reviews

Press reviews

Bayern 4 Klassik

“A delightful walk on a musical tightrope held up by authentic interpretations and immortal songs.”

Luxemburger Wort

“Melancholy and gruff humor; pastoralism but with a notable morbid streak: You’ll be hard pressed to find a combination that similarly appeals as successfully to connoisseurs, music-lovers, and beyond. It’s fun for the whole family. Perhaps the key to their success lies in the laid-back approach to musical tradition…”


“No matter which of these heterogeneous pieces, they’re all equally fine and well done in the manner of Franui – which is to say: clever, sparkling, and coming from the heart.”